8th Grade

Collection of writings from Ms. Bolden’s classes.


Aaron Cooper: “Untitled”

Audrey Funkhouser: “Bop Poem,” “Dandelion Wish,” and “I come from …”

Kaylan Hall: “Rain Clouds”

Auburn Hamme: “Gray” and “Evangeline”

Olivia Huckabay: “Staining Pomegranate”

Sameer Khan: “I Come From A City,” “Sitting Birds. Stones Fly. Birds Cry,” “The Boy and Dad,” and “Waka”

Buhlebenkosi Maposa: “Koeksisters”

Hartmann Marble-Wright: “The Doberman”

Hunter Newell: “Baking a Cobbler”

Ebun Opata: “Robotics: State Level”

Sapna Patlolla: “Making a Pizza with Shia Labeouf”

Kenneth Retumban: “Untitled”

Kate Rodenmeyer: “Feeling So High”

Molly Spencer: “Homes”

Katelyn Tanaka: “Rings,” “A Castle in My Room,” and “The Trying Tree”

Sacheen Tipinis: “Orange Front”

Jackson Van Meter: “Lobster Debt” and “Untitled”

Mirren Viola: “Three Waka” and “Untitled”

Simone Weatherspoon: “Not Captured” and “Little Lives”

The authors of the following pieces wished to remain anonymous:  “Stressed Sun,” “The Truth,” and “Sadness Is Easier Than Joy”