6th Grade

Collections of writings from Mrs. Whitehouse’s classes.


Advikaa Anand: “The Perfect Night”

Matthew Azordegan: “The Cloud Knows”

Izzy Brumley: “The Cat Escape”

Kristian Clark: “The Wind Knows….”

Drew Cronin: “Alliterations”

Enyonam Dzathor: “The Abandoned”

Liam Galaty: “Three Wishes”

Mayrant Gonwa: “The Picture”

Zoe Hairston: “My Three Wishes”

Max Lanford: “Three Wishes”

Liza Lominick: “Only Three”

Owen Newburger: “A Star Knows How ….”

Dami Oluwatade: “Words”

Colin Opdike: “Three Wishes”

Avery Stallings: “Green Door”

Emma Stokic: “Memories”

Victor Sutton: “The Sun Knows”

Marley Tanner: “Paper Knows…. “ and “The Meadow”

Devlyn Williams: “Granted for a Lifetime”