by Lara Moriarity, Grade 7


by Kenneth Retumban

I see myself digging a hole,
I see myself digging it deeper.
I watch as my parents go and get a tree and a pumpkin.
A while later, I lay my cat in the grave.
We each throw out three trowel-fuls of dirt, and seal the carcass in.
We plant a tree and write on a pumpkin above,
sealing the carcass in.

I ask myself then.
Most would be sad,
The sloth would be happy,
I wonder if a burden has been lifted,
One less responsibility to care.
I wonder if a sign of death appeared,
being a sign of sadness here.
Of the sadness to come,
Of the sadness of a loss

But I am somewhat normal
I cry, become angry, and blame it on me,
and cry the next day.

But don’t worry sister,
remember, you still have a dog…