by Sauny Sewell, Grade 8

Staining Pomegranate

by Olivia Huckabay

Collect a knife, a cutting board, a pomegranate, and a bowl to put the seeds.
Find the grooves in the top of the fruit
and slice down the grooves.

Open the juicy, plump gift
and remove the seeds carefully.

The fruit likes to break,
which shoots out the pigmented color
staining anything it touches,
like the sound of “yolk.”

Possibly the sound makes them uncomfortable
or makes them feel like it is not even a word
or relates them to an egg,
but why do they hate “yolk?”

Be careful not to consume the white pulp-ish substance,
which would ruin the taste of the bitter, sweetness of the seeds.

Yolk is odd,
and awkward.

Quotes from notables
make this word more popular,
staining the ears of the listeners.