by Victoria Wang, Grade 8

Sitting Birds. Stones Fly. Birds Cry.

by Sameer Khan


     “Another one bites the dust,” Mother Bird chirps morosely as her third child becomes a victim to learning how to fly.

     The rest of the birds, which just so happens to be two left, all face gloom over the death of their siblings. One bird, Cynthia, chirps, “Mother Bird? I don’t think I can do this. I’m scared.”

     “Darling, it’s fine,” Mother Bird tweeted to her daughter. “If you believe that you can fly, the sky’s the limit!” Mother Bird drew back dejectedly and shifted her wings inside of her nest.

     “Who’s up next?”

     The two blue jays became immediately silent and waddled to the edge of the nest.

     “If you never fly, then how are ever going to leave my nest? Now come my little babies. Let’s go fly!”

     Cyrus, the second blue jay, chirped back.

     “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die.”

     Cyrus walked to the edge of the nest, until a large plop was heard. Splat! There were a few laughs in the background.

     “Honey, where is Cyrus?”

     “Umm… I don’t know. Mommy, I’m scared,” Cynthia cried.

     Mother Bird looked down at the ground to see that Cyrus was dead on the ground.

     “Cyrus!” Mother Bird tweeted as she saw her fourth child on the ground.

     Just below the nest, there was a faint visibility of humans. The humans carried rocks and were terrorizing the community of the birds. Just as Mother Bird was getting ready to carry Cynthia on her back and fly to safety, she herself was struck by the tiny boulders that pelted her wings and crushed her body.

     “Mother Bird!” Cynthia gawked at the loss of her mother.

     “Say something! Please, Mommy!”

     Mother Bird suddenly opened her beak and quietly peeped,

     “Flap your wings and-”

     Mother Bird was dead.

     Cynthia grew angry at the young humans below her. She tried to seek shelter in her nest; however, the children continued to throw pebbles at her home. Cynthia didn’t know what to do.

      She flapped her wings in confusion and stood on the edge over the nest, in close proximity to the rocks of the humans.

     She flapped her wings in triumph of knowing that she would be able to fly.

      As she flapped more and more, she felt more and more confident, while the shots of the humans below her were coming much closer.

     She dropped down the side, now in the air, getting ready to flap her wings.

     Under her breath, Cynthia silently chirped,

     “Mother, I’m coming to see you again.”

    Cynthia fell to the ground alongside the rest of her family.