By Ashley McCaughan, Grade 5

Sadness Is Easier Than Joy

by Anonymous

First take a camp where you have to be away for seven weeks.
Then add one cup of mean peers.
Add rumors that are being spread.
One tablespoon of not making parents satisified.
Three teaspoons of rejection.
So tell me Pherrell, how can I be happy?
Put five tablespoons of financial problems.
One teaspoon of a sister leaving for college.
A pinch of boredom taking over your life.
A slice of a new neighborhood full of strangers.
Pherrell, how can I be happy.
Should I add friends that are there for me?
Maybe a cup of amazing parents.
Perhaps a teaspoon of sunny days.
Four full to the brim cups of my amazing and perfect dog, Athena.
A pinch of an amazing school.
A dose of amazing teachers that try so hard to teach us.
Three cups of a sister who is nice as can be.
This recipe is full of sadness and joy.
Even though sadness might be easier than joy, joy means so much more to others.