By Sauny Sewell, Grade 8

Making a Pizza with Shia Labeouf

by Sapna Patlolla

Mix the powder with water and oil
Mix the tan dough with a fork, then with your hands

Add some salt and mold the dough
to form it into a ball
And leave it in a bowl for five minutes

Shia says,” Just do it! Make your dreams come true!”
But, what if you can’t do what you want to do?

Flatten the dough on the pan, forming a wall on the edge
to keep red sauce and delicious cheese from escaping the
the doughy foundation

The crust is almost done baking in the oven
but before it’s done we need cheese and sauce

Shia keeps shouting,” JUST DO IT!”
I know I can’t do it Shia, I can’t do it
without feeling guilty

A pizza is just a non-dessert pie, full of sauce
and endless toppings on top of the hot cheese

Who doesn’t like pizza? There are some people, but
I can’t eat the whole pizza, I need someone to share it with
I made it for a dinner party, but I cancelled earlier

Who can I share this pizza with?
Shia, why don’t you eat the pizza with me?