by Charlie Young, Grade 8

Little Lives

by Simone Weatherspoon


Rebecca always knew there was something strange about her grandmother’s garden. Her suspicions were confirmed when her baby sister told her that a little lady lived in grandma’s rose bushes. Usually, Rebecca would have taunted her sibling for believing in something so foolish. But today, she put a hamper on her teasing. Rebecca and Liliah marched across the garden to the rose bush, in order to see if Liliah’s claims were actually credible. Once they reached the shrubbery, Liliah reached her tiny hands into the prim bush, and started ripping away. Rebecca made a mental note of ways to atone for destroying grandma’s rose bush. Once Rebecca got Liliah to stop her incessant destruction of the bush, the two girls eagerly peered into the bush.  Not only did they see a little lady, they saw a whole village of little people. The tiny village had everything. There were impoverished people living in shacks, ghastly looters lurking alleyways, cherubic children walking to school, women in extravagant dresses, farmers diligently sowing fields, and men drunk on telling sardonic jokes in pubs. Rebecca was so distracted by the intricate detail of the village, she didn’t see Liliah desperately trying to grab a particularly tenacious woman. Giving up on the stubborn women, Liliah quickly grabbed a tiny man. Finally tearing her eyes away from the superfluous but amazing village, Rebecca looked at Liliah’s captive. The tiny man looked up at the giant girls with doleful eyes. Rebecca immediately felt ashamed for destroying the bush. Liliah seemed unfazed as she gently lifted him up to her face.

“How are you today tiny man?” asked Liliah. 

“I was very happy until two giants can and destroyed my house,” began the man. “What do y’all want? Are you here to forced me into a life of bondage? Are you running out of slaves in your castle, and you need me to supplant one of the old slaves? We’ve been told about your kind! I’ve read the posthumous books by tortured and fallen heroes. All you do is take what you want, and destroy people’s lives. I’d rather die then be a slave! Now, either put me down, or kill me!”

Liliah looked over her shoulder at her older sister. She didn’t understand what the man had said, but she could tell he was mad. Rebecca’s heart was broken, everything was so lucid now. She thought of all the times grandma had hewed and pruned her garden. She thought of all the tiny lives lost due to grandma’s love of gardening.

“I am so sorry sir. I promise we will defray the cost of the damages. I should pay? Money? Seeds? Folwers? Anything you want sir” said Rebecca

“All I want is for you to put me down!” cried the man as he kicked Liliah’s thumb.

Rebecca took the man from Liliah’s hands and placed him back inside the bush. Next, she took Liliah’s hand and began walking back to grandma’s house.  That was enough adventure for one day.