by Ellie Peterson, Grade 7


a monologue by Auburn Hamme


Mom has been gone for exactly a year now. I have to admit I like not having to do as many chores, but still I miss her. Every month or so Dad and I talk about what could have happened to her. We don’t think that she would just flat up leave us, we know she wouldn’t. The last time I saw her it was Aislynn’s 16th birthday, she’s 17 now. It was a stormy yet peaceful night. We woke up in the morning and she had not put breakfast on the table. I went to her room to look for her and all I saw was my dad sitting on the corner of his bed crying holding a picture of her and a note. It had “Goodbye” scribbled on it, yet it looked like she was rushed to write it or that the pen was snatched from her.

I talked to my dad and he assured me that she was just on a “trip”. But what kinda trip takes a whole entire year!? I miss her and my sisters are starting to act like a mother to me. I enjoy it sometimes but at other times it feels like they are overstepping their bounds. Everyday at school everyone looks at me like a fish through glass. All my friends treat me like I’m fragile and that if they say something I might break like a china glass on a granite floor. I wish everyone would treat me like I am normal again. I mean I am normal I just don’t know where my mom is.

But that is all about to change.


Art by Ellie Peterson, Grade 7