By Sophia Brown, Grade 5

Baking a Cobbler

by Hunter Newell

Measure out your flour and sugar
pour in the milk then stir
melt a half stick of butter in a 9’x9’ pan at 325
pour in batter
then pour in your choice of fruit pie filling
bake forty-five minutes at 325 degrees fahrenheit.
A recipe for something perfect must have precision, right?
For the perfect cobbler you must measure everything
These seemingly random numbers all have meaning
Like measurements for a perfectly fitting suit
Precision is key
But if all things perfect are measured and cut to be a precise unit
What is unique?
If the perfect is measured then is the unique imperfect?
Unique is supposed to be beautiful
But who thinks a piece of stone is beautiful compared to a carved statue?
If it isn’t precise and distributed correctly it is ugly
But if everyone is precise and distributed correctly no one is unique
How can anything be beautiful
If we all have to be the same?