By Jackson Van Meter, Grade 8

A Castle in My Room

by Katelyn Tanaka

The sheets on my legs
Are my armor from the world
The moat is the trim around my bed
My castle safe from all troubles, unfurled
My sheets cover my head
The sheet on my head is a helmet
The quilt is the stone wall rising up from the ground
My pillow is the throne room fit for a queen
My headboard is the drawbridge
Keeping out all my fears
But keeping in,all my memories
Time is the only thing I feel in my castle
In my castle, fears are really just enemies
Not a single soul is inside
My castle where the truth can hide
A twin bed may not be the ideal
The small blanket I hold in my arms is my warmth
Without it I just might shiver to death
The fan on the ceiling makes mighty winds
The windows let the light in
I hear the birds sing their morning cares away
A smile on my face, maybe just a grin
I hide under my sheets in hope that the day might just pass
I’m scared what might happen if I open my eyes
I can stay in my castle with plenty of grass
Or I could go outside, then to school to get wise
Each day is a new surprise with new wonders to find
So, make up your mind