by Caroline Croft, Grade 7

Writer’s Block

by Rush Lacoste

I’ve got writer’s block
It is not good
I’ve got to write a poem
But I don’t think I should

The whole class is working,
But I sit here still
Peeking at others
To see if they are doing well

I don’t want to do this
After school
Because then I can’t play Fallout
And that is not cool

The suspense is killing me,
Will I finish it in time?
I don’t think I will,
Maybe I’ll make it rhyme

That’s it That’s it!
I will make it rhyme!
I won’t cheat off of others,
Because that it a crime

Now what to rhyme,
I have no clue!
The clock is ticking
I think I’m close to a breakthrough!

Now what is this about?
All things near,
Or maybe something different,
Like in a hundred years

I know! I’ll write a poem about how all this went
With drama, action, and plenty of suspense!
But now I’m not so sure how I’ll do that,
And make it all have plenty of good sense

I am very close,
This will be a poem for the ages!
But how will it be published?
Maybe I can check the yellow pages?

It’s done, it’s done!
It’s fully complete!
Now I can sit back,
And relax all week

All the others are working,
And I sit here still
With a poem complete
I am done.

Art by Caroline Croft, Grade 7