by Liam Galaty, Grade 6

Our Breaking Minds

     by Claire Waddell

Your mind is falling apart
But you don’t know it.
Every memory being washed away,
As if they are floating in an ocean of thoughts.
As you get older you start forgetting things.
Things you once held so close to your heart.
Of course you don’t know how to fix it,
Because there is no way out of it.
Every day you grow.
Grow out of the mind you used to know.
It’s hard to think about,
But it happens to everyone in this world.
There are shortcuts to losing your memory.
Doctors put fancy names on it.
Sometimes you want to forget;
Forget the mistakes and the wrong doings,
But that’s what makes up life.
Our lives are breaking apart.

It’s as if our minds are a machine.
Every memory and idea are the wheels keeping us going.
When we die those wheels stop turning.
Just like any machine, it gets slower over time.
Every time a memory fades a wheel drops.
Every time a wheel drops, the machine gets slower.
Finally there are no more wheels.
Our life fades away.
And people’s memories of us will soon fade as they get closer to the inevitable.
Such a sad thing.
There’s no way out of it.

So I will hope that your machine never becomes rusty
And that you keep most of your wheels.
But remember to cherish the time you have doing what you love.
And help save our breaking minds.

Art by Liam Galaty, Grade 6