by Heath Seawright, Grade 5


by Yahya Naveed

Work in the sweat that drowns your body
Work through the tall, green grass,
Grass that is reluctant to move.
The lawnmower gets even more heavy,
Like it is a sack of bricks,
Then the sky looks at you and snickers,
This might be some sort of sick joke.
The clouds avoid you,
Probably knowing you’re close to a heatstroke,
Sun is daring you to go inside,
But you simply deny,
And your brain and body ask why,
The reward is too great,
That you know you can’t wait,
For getting rid of some green, you will acquire some more,
Only then can you truly enjoy,
The barbeque’s scent and firework’s boom,
All with your friends,
Who you’ve seen before in the afternoon


Art by Heath Seawright, Grade 5