by Xenia Minton, Grade 7

Gone Forever

by Abigail Calimaran

Charity greets Greed in the yard
She willingly gives him a smile
But Greed doesn’t want just a smile
Greed wants more and more

Charity smiles and says “How do you do?”
Greed grins and replies, “Today I want…”
Charity listens as he lists what he wants
And she willingly gives him her all

Charity gives without want
and Greed takes without thanks
This one-sided compromise can do no more
And Charity finally stops

“Mr. Greed,” she says “I can’t give no more.”
“Give it to me. I want it all,” Greed replies
So Charity lays down her life for Greed
And he happily takes her servitude

But if Greed wants much more
And Charity has none
Then Greed will find
that Charity is gone


Art by Xenia Minton, Grade 7