by Catherine Zhou, Grade 5

Three Wishes

by Liam Galaty

Three wishes,
The first:
A beach,
Of shining sand
Upon my feet.
Where seagulls run
On slender legs
And under water
They plunge their heads.
A beautiful place
To read a book,
To snack on fruit,
To relax the brain,
To play in the waves.

Wish two:
A wave
To carry thee.
That breaks
With thunderous
Repetitive beats.
To cool my skin,
To ride back in,
On a surfboard,
I lay imagining.
A beach,
In May,
Here too a wave
For me.
And every month
All my wishes here
To wait for me,
But one

Wish three:
A surfboard that rests upon the beach.


Art by Catherine Zhou, Grade 5