By Lara Moriarity, Grade 7

Three Wishes

by Max Lanford

Three wishes,
some wood,
a door,
a ladder,
The things to build a house,
To build a shed.
To make it small and good.
a tree.
a tree big,
not small,
To have thick branches.
To have a sturdy trunk.
A tree to have many leaves.
To have many hopes.
An interior rustic,
To be in the middle.
The middle of country and city.
Combine my wishes,
To see a house of my dreams.
To see a house upon the leaves,
Leaves of a tree.
A place I can be.
Holding what I see in my head.
Bring it to reality.
The materials.
The tree.
The interior.
The treehouse.


Art by Lara Moriarity, Grade 7