by Sophia Brown, Grade 5

The Picture

by Mayrant Gonwa

I look at this picture and my world is all clear
This is the place that I have been dreaming about my whole life
An abandoned barn surrounded by dandelions and a beautiful lake
The dandelions sway like dancers in the breeze
Fish jump in the water
It is starting to drizzle in the Sun
Where is the rainbow?
The breeze feels like a pillow against my face
I walk over to the barn
It could use some red and white paint
I climb up on a ladder into the loft of the barn
There are a bunch of nests with eggs inside
What kind of bird is in the eggs?
I glance out of the window and see a rainbow!
I jump and run in the field
I try to find the end of the rainbow
I run for miles and miles and come to a stream
I see deer, birds, bears, and many more animals in harmony eating and drinking
It is so serene
This is way better than any pot of gold
This is magical and beautiful
I wish I could stay here forever, but I have to go home before dark
I run and then I wake up from my slumber


Art by Sophia Brown, Grade 5