by Sophia Brown, Grade 5

The Perfect Night

by Advikaa Anand

I have three wishes
Just three
They’re simple, you know.
The first is a shooting star
A star that streaks bright against the sky,
Leaving in its wake
A long stream of light.
Its brightness frames the dark night
A star that brings wishes true
A star that brings hope
A star with a heart so big
It fulfills everyone’s desires.

The second is a lone tree.
Its branches form an arc
Pear-shaped leaves linger on its skinny, long branches
Its shadows dance across the fields.
It sits against the bright stars,
Each twinkling in its own way.
A tree that complements the plain fields
And makes the night a picturesque perfection.

The third is laughter,
Laughter ringing out across the plain pastures
Laughter, sounding bright
Laughter followed by a tear or two
Laughter so happy.
Such beautiful things
That when put together, make the perfect night.


Art by Sophia Brown, Grade 5