By Manal Khawaja, Grade 8

The Abandoned

by Enyonam Dzathor

There is a place where you can go,
When you feel as if you are abandoned,
The place where the grass is golden,
And the sky is always blue,
Where the sun shines upon your face,
And leaves you with a warmer heart.
A place where the only rule is to be kind.
The place where happiness is made.
The place that lies above the clouds,
And is covered with rainbows.
The place where unicorns and friendly dragons exist.
The children run with glee, in rags of wool.
The elderly rest their old bones
And feel young again.
The stressed have no cares or work.
Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, all combined,
Called the Villa for the Abandoned.


Art by Manal Khawaja, Grade 8