by Victoria Wang, Grade 8

Daily Hallucinations

by Catherine Zhou

“Mom! Come quick,” yelled six year old Gregory Meyers.

Mrs. Meyers has had enough with Gregory’s daily tantrums. On Monday, it was about not winning a fight against a baby kangaroo. On Tuesday, Gregory had claimed that he saw the dining table magically grow legs and run towards him. Though the strangest of all was Wednesday. The young boy was riding home from school on the school bus. His best friend’s birthday party resulted in more than fifteen balloons. During that rocky bus trip home, Gregory managed to pop all the balloons in a mere two seconds. When the Meyers went to apologize to the birthday boy’s parents, Gregory said that the balloons were summoned by the devil to kill all the kids on the vehicle.

“What is it,” Mrs. Meyers yelled back.

When she ran into the room, she saw her delirious son sitting on the blue rug they received from Grandaunt Merriam last Christmas when they still lived in northern Utah. The most unusual thing about this scene, besides all the junk lying around Gregory’s room, was that the boy was staring at an empty fishbowl.

“Mom, look how beautiful the fish is.”

The boy was staring at nothing.

“Gregory, there’s nothing there. It’s just an empty fishbowl.”

“Mom, look how beautiful the fish is.”

The boy was still staring at nothing.

“Gregory, there’s nothing there. It’s just an empty fishbowl.”

Now she was worried. Her son had really gone crazy.

“No. Mom, you’re wrong. Don’t you see it? Look, there it goes!”

In Gregory’s mind, he saw a bright gold flash through the water of the incredible fish tank with hundreds and thousands of different tropical fish.

“Sweet child, I know you see it but nobody else does.”

“I don’t believe you. I know you see it. You’re just messing with me.”

“Gregory, I really don’t see it.”

Now, Mrs. Meyers was considering taking Gregory to a child psychologist. I mean, no normal kid does this. Right?, Mrs. Meyers thought to herself.

The kid’s eyes opened in awe as he saw that one gold streak swim swiftly through the vast ocean. Its reflective body dodging every obstacle. Its mane of gold shifting in the light revealing infinite shades of metallics. In the boy’s eyes, this creature was one of nature’s greatest accomplishments.

“Mom, I’m just telling you that’s one impressive goldfish.”


Art by Victoria Wang, Grade 8