by Ava Chevalier, Grade 6


by Sehej Gosain

O’ glorious god, O’ father divine,
I honor you, Lord Zeus, with this rhyme.
King of the gods, ruler of all,
Your mighty voice keeps all enthralled
Seated on your Golden Throne,
In high Olympus, which is your home.
The loud-Thunderers’ mighty roar,
Thunder across the sky.
This powerful shaft of light and fire,
Soar through the clouds and air.
Inspiring awe and reverence,
In all who dwell upon the earth.
Mortals and beasts, trees and plants, nymphs and satyrs, the land and the sea.
You punish with lightning and glory in stars.
We pray to you, O lord of ours.


Art by Ava Chevalier, Grade 6