by Sophie Lewis, Grade 5

The Diversity of St. Andrew’s

by Vivek Majumdar

I have always been impressed with St. Andrew’s approach to diversity. Not everyone here looks or talks the same. Everybody looks different, thinks different, and has different ideas to share. St. Andrew’s welcomes people from different colors, religion, ethnicity, and also nationalities. St. Andrew’s has students from India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and so many other countries all over the world. Every time I walk into the library, I see flags of different nations lining the walls. Each flag represents the nation from which St. Andrew’s may have a teacher or a student. St. Andrew’s has a very unique exchange student program. Students from China, Spain, Peru, and many other countries come and spend several weeks here getting familiarized with the education system in the United States. Some of our students also get to visit these wonderful countries and spend time there as well. Who looks over all this? Well, St. Andrew’s even has its own Department of Global Studies. Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Latin are some of the foreign languages taught in our school. St. Andrew’s propagates diversity and quite frankly, I am overjoyed to be part of such a wonderful community.


Art by Sophie Lewis, Grade 5